We welcome Nicola Callis to the Elit Lawyers team as our work experience clerk.

Nicola is currently in her second year of university studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University.  We sat down with her to discuss studying during a pandemic and what she enjoys about working with the Elit team.

Q & A with Nicola

What was it like studying during a global pandemic?  Do you think the experience changed the way you work? As a result of the pandemic, my university classes were conducted online via Zoom as well as pre-recorded lectures. The difference in learning techniques from high school to university was drastic, yet convenient. I enjoyed having the ability to attend class as easily as opening my laptop and avoid the morning traffic to university every day. Weekly lectures which would usually require in-person attendance were able to be paused, re-winded and listened to when suitable. This allowed for better registration of information, as well as higher quality note taking. The convenience of attending university classes from the comfort of my own home truly impacted my desire to be able to have such flexibility in my work life.

  • What do you enjoy about working at Elit Lawyers?

Working from home has allowed me to balance my university commitments and work with Elit. I worked with Danielle and Rob to schedule my working hours around my university timetable, ensuring I produce quality outcomes both for the firm as well as my grades.

Not having to travel to and from work ensures that even after a day of working for Elit, there is a reasonable amount of time remaining in the night to complete university tasks or watch lectures if necessary. If the firm requires my assistance throughout the week, after my university classes I find it very convenient that I can simply open my laptop wherever I am to assist the team.

  • What makes you efficient?

Having balance between work and university commitments has meant that I have been able to have a routine which promotes efficiency.

Before my workday begins, I go to the gym and make a nutritious breakfast ready to begin.  I have a quiet place to work at home and the silence allows me to work without surrounding distractions.  Work is also efficient because my team are very collaborative and make themselves available to me.  They are simply a phone call or an email away.

Also, being able to avoid travel hours on a train to work allows me to feel fresh and energised for my working day!

Nicola can be contacted via email NCallis@elitlaw.com.au


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