Join us in welcoming Carly Ellul our new Paralegal here at Elit Lawyers.

Carly has over 15 years experience as a Legal Secretary and Paralegal.

She is a mother of 2 children, one of which started prep this year.

She has worked in large commercial litigation teams and we are pleased to have her on board as a member of our team.

Q & A with Carly

  • Did covid change anything for you ie the way you work or want to work?

Covid did change the way I wanted to work. I hadn’t returned to the workforce since having my two children (my eldest recently turned eight!) and I had envisaged returning this year when my youngest commenced school. I have many friends who, since Covid, are now working remotely from home and loving it as they did not have to spend so much time commuting to/from the office and were able to have a better work/life balance.  This type of arrangement really appealed to me. 

  • What factors make working at Elit good for you?

Flexibility and work/life balance. Elit is very flexible in terms of working hours which is lucky for me as I still get to do the school pick ups/ drop offs for my children as well as chauffeuring them around to their extra curricular activities after school.

Appreciation.  You feel appreciated and valued for your efforts.

Autonomy. You are trusted to undertake tasks on your own and complete them at your own pace (within reason of course).

  • What makes you so efficient at your work?

I can’t stand having too many emails in my inbox at one time so I like to deal with tasks as efficiently as I can. I prioritise and work on the most pressing tasks first. I also occasionally undertake tasks late in the evening once the kids are settled in bed to be on top of things for the next day.

Carly can be contacted via email

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